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NGO Spotlight: Girl Child Concerns (GCC)

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    Girl Child Concerns: Empowering Girls, Transforming Futures


    About Girl Child Concerns (GCC):

    Established in 2003, Girl Child Concerns (GCC) is a dedicated non-profit organization focused on addressing the wide gender gap in education, particularly in Northern Nigeria. GCC is committed to providing holistic support to underprivileged girls, helping them gain access to education and essential life skills.


    Mission: To provide young people with the opportunity to develop to their highest potential.


    Vision: A society where every young person can achieve their highest potential, regardless of race, gender, or religion.



    - Increase girls’ enrollment, retention, and completion of secondary education.

    - Create community awareness about the importance of girls’ education.

    - Build the confidence of girls to pursue education and become responsible members of society.

    - Reduce early marriage.

    - Improve the reproductive health of young people.

    - Address the special needs of married adolescents, providing them with opportunities for development.


    Highlight Initiative: Girls for Girls (G4G) Project


    One of GCC's standout initiatives is the Girls for Girls (G4G) Project. This transformative program, in partnership with Education Cannot Wait and supported by UNICEF, aims to break barriers and empower girls aged 10 to 16 in Borno State. The project focuses on increasing access to education and creating safe spaces for girls to learn, grow, and thrive, especially in areas affected by humanitarian crises.


    Impact of the G4G Project:

    - Reached over 80 stakeholders with messages on girls’ education.

    - Formed 100 G4G groups at the school level.

    - Trained 486 group leaders in life skills and leadership.

    - Engaged 1500 girls in safe spaces within target schools.

    - Developed a comprehensive G4G training manual tailored to the specific challenges faced by girls in Borno State.


    The G4G project has made significant strides in promoting gender equality and empowering young girls through education. By providing safe spaces and essential life skills, the initiative has laid a solid foundation for a brighter future for girls in Borno State.


    Social Media Platforms:

    - Facebook: [Girl Child Concerns](

    - Twitter: [@GCCNigeria](

    - Instagram: [@girlchildconcerns](

    - LinkedIn: [Girl Child Concerns](


    Get Involved:

    - Volunteer: Help make a difference in the lives of young girls by volunteering with GCC.

    - Donate: Your contributions can help GCC continue its vital work in empowering girls and promoting education.


    For more information, visit the Girl Child Concerns website](


    Let's support Girl Child Concerns in their mission to transform the lives of young girls through education and empowerment!



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    2024-07-08 09:43:07
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