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    Today on #AdvocacyThursday, our focus is on the #2023Elections and your responsibility as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! Take a look! YOUR PVC, 2023 ELECTIONS AND THE CHALLENGE OF CREDIBILITY AND COMPETENCE We have watched with so much surprise and concern, the unusual show of interest by many Nigerians to contest principal positions in the forthcoming 2023 elections. This unusual interest is evidenced in the large number of individuals who purchased party nomination forms across the different political parties in Nigeria. Now that the political parties go into their primaries to select flagbearers for the different elective positions, we must look beyond just obtaining our PVC to the need for the emergence of credible and competent candidates across the political parties. Today on #AdvocacyThursday, we call on all Nigerians to take interest in what happens across the different political parties. There has been a sustained call to all Nigerians to obtain their PVC especially now that we are nearing the end of the continuous voter registration exercise. We equally renew this call. Yet, just obtaining the PVC is not enough; we must prepare to vote at the general elections. It is equally important to reiterate the fact that we all rely on the political parties to field candidates for the general elections, therefore, at the elections, we will be constrained to vote and select from among the options presented by the parties, and this is where the big issue is. We will not make any remarkable change to our socio-political and economic circumstances if credible and competent individuals do not emerge as options during the general elections, this is why the plots and intrigues within the political parties must be of concern to all of us. We must all raise our voices to compel the political parties to allow for free and fair competitions at the primaries to ensure that the most credible and most competent individuals emerge from amongst the numerous contenders. We must equally not make the mistake of paying attention only to the presidential candidates, we need credible and competent individuals across all elective positions, this is the only way to ensure that our PVCs make a difference. Do join the Network and Advocacy Group of Lux Terra Leadership Foundation on this quest for a better Nigeria by filling this form: You can also send a Whatsapp Message to 0912 404 5078 or email to #LeadershipMatters #ChooseWisely #2023Elections #GetYourPVC #MACFOUND #LuxTerraAdvocacy #NetworkAndAdvocacyGroup #BeTheChange #WeShallOvercome #NigeriaWillPrevail
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    2022-05-19 21:21:02
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