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    It is generally said and accepted that the one who lives for nothing dies for nothing. It is also generally accepted that he who stands for nothing falls for everything. Maybe, just maybe, the manner in which many Nigerians tend to bend either way as it suits the situation smacks of a refusal to take a stand for something. A lot of people can engage in fraudulent, corrupt practices one day and go to the church/mosque the following day to pray and give thanks to God for the "blessings" received. But the two don't go together, do they? Yet we tend to do it a whole lot just because we have refused to take a stand. Our challenge to you is to take a stand. Live for something. Be known for something. How awesome it would be if people don't engage you in corrupt practices just because they know for a fact that you stand for integrity! How awesome it would be if they know that you hold very seriously the fact that your religion forbids corruption! How awesome it would be if they know that you won't mix evil with good Take a stand today! For good! For light! For integrity! Let your light shine and let people know you for it. #LuxTerraIntegrity #LightUpTheWorld #Integrity #Accountability #StandUp #TakeAStand #StopEvil #StopCorruption #BeTheChange #MakeADifference
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    2022-05-06 09:32:38
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