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    There is this common prayer that goes, "May Nigeria not happen to us." Funny as this prayer sounds, it is a sad commentary on where we have brought ourselves though dishonesty, through corruption. What does it mean for Nigeria to happen to one? It means for one to be caught up in a situation where the state is supposed to help, but the state rather makes the situation worse. A typical example of Nigeria happening to a person (according to the common expression) is when a person falls critically ill or is in need of some serious medical attention but cannot find the needed help in government hospitals. Really, what health structures are there to come to the person's aid? How many times have we heard about people needing surgery or some other medical attention and the plans are often to take them abroad for surgery and treatment? Yet, how many people are able to afford such trips from the vastly impoverished ordinary Nigerians? Even for those who get some medical attention in this country, it is often at private hospitals where they have to pay through their noses to get some good medical attention? For Nigeria to happen to a person is to have no other choice than to use government health facilities which have been left to decay as a result of corrupt practices that permeate through the entire system? Yet, those who have left these facilities to decay are quick to get on a plane and fly abroad over as little as a headache. We have seen Nigerian 'so-called' leaders who never get medical attention in Nigeria. We have seen those who have been in government for years who, with their family members, don't get medical attention in Nigeria. And because of this, they leave the system to rot and loot funds meant to make the system befitting for the Nigerian in Nigeria. How many people have died needlessly from lack of facilities? How many have died for lack of medicines? How many have died at the hands of quack medical personnel? How many have died because there is no ambulance? How many have died because they can't travel abroad for treatment like an average Nigerian 'leader' does with his/her family members? And that is just in the health sector. What if we start talking about the power sector, housing, transportation, education, security, roads and so much more? How many more people have to die needlessly because of the corrupt practices of their fellow citizens? How many? Corruption kills! It does! Connect the dots! Can't you see? Let's change the narrative. Live right. Light up the world with honesty. #LuxTerraIntegrity #LightUpTheWorld #Honesty #Integrity #Accountability #LiveRight #StopEvil #StopCorruption #BeTheChange #MakeADifference
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    2022-06-24 12:02:46
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